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Church of God Hymns
on Music CDs

    Brethren, we have had several inquiries as to whether we had any of the hymns on music CDs. We are pleased to announce that we have compiled a set of four music CDs containing all 125 Church of God Hymns. These CDs can be played in any CD player. The hymns are in a mix of instrumental piano and Chorale form. There are 51 instrumental Hymns and 74 Chorale Hymns.

    This format of music CDs allows the playing of various hymns by selecting the proper track to be played. This usually can't be done from cassette recordings. The CD format greatly improves the selectability of hymns to be played.

    The CD sets will be sent out without jewel cases to keep expenses down. We will include a printed contents page with each CD set. We also have a plain text file available below for anyone that would like to download the file to copy and paste the indexes to their favorite CD label program. Also available below is a PDF file of the contents pages we send out with the Hymn CD Set.

    With the growing popularity of MP3 Players, we also offer all 125 Piano Hymns along with the 74 Chorale Hymns on one MP3 CD. Please select your choice (Audio CDs or MP3 CD) with the links below.

    For those who are having services at home with the use of a computer, you may want to download the zipped files below which contain all 125 Hymns in Midi or Mp3 formats, playable with the Windows Media Player or other audio software. Also below are copies of the Hymnal in PDF. The Bible Hymnal is the full Hymnal with printed music, Words to the Song Leader's Hymnal contains only the words to the Hymns.


Bible Hymnal 5.0 mb
Hymn Contents Text File 9 kb
Hymn Contents PDF File

23 kb

Hymns in Midi Format (zip file) 106 kb
Hymns in Mp3 Format (zip file) 380 mb
Words to the Song Leader's Hymnal 151 kb


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Files for Printing Jewel Case Inserts

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These CDs are intended to help Church groups 

or brethren keeping the Sabbath at home, with a 

Church of God background, while using the Purple Hymnal.

Since someone has placed us on quite a few "Freebies"

websites, we will ask you to answer a short questionnaire

to confirm a background in the Church of God.

To request the Hymn CDs mentioned on this page, please

email your name and mailing address here:


Audio CDs

  MP3 CD