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News and World Events

April 20, 2017

April 12, 2017

April 6, 2017

March 30, 2017

March 22, 2017

April 27, 2017

Mother duck watches police officer rescue 12 ducklings from storm drain

April 26 - A mother duck in Texas watched carefully as a police officer helped rescue her dozen ducklings from a storm drain. Pearland Police Department shared video as officers Adam Carroll and Matthew Web responded to the scene to rescue the distressed ducklings. Carroll spotted the mother duck "going crazy" and pacing back and forth near the storm drain when he began to suspect the ducklings may be in danger. "At first I thought, 'This is peculiar that a duck is out here away from water by...

Seattle woman receives fake movie money from ATM

April 26 - A Seattle woman who received a badly damaged $20 bill from an ATM examined the cash more closely and discovered it was a movie prop. Darcy Fox said she withdrew $300 from the ATM at a Bank of America in the Wedgwood neighborhood Monday and quickly noticed one of the $20 bills she received was badly frayed and was being held together with tape. Fox said in a Facebook post she went inside to exchange the bill and noticed while waiting in line that it wasn't real cash at all -- it was a movie prop.

Two men on same flight had cocaine under their pants

April 27 - Customs officials at a New York airport said two passengers on the same flight from the Dominican Republic were hiding large amounts of cocaine under their pants. U.S. Customs and Border Protection said Ariel Garcia, a U.S. citizen, presented himself for inspection April 19 when he arrived at John F. Kennedy Airport on a flight from Santo Domingo. Officers found about 11 pounds of cocaine in packages strapped to Garcia's body under his pants. Elvin Montilla-Sosa...

Crews begin removing more than 300 Civil War-era cannonballs in Pa.

April 26 - Construction crews began Wednesday removing more than 300 Civil War-era cannonballs found underground a construction site in central Pennsylvania. The hundreds of cannonballs buried underground are a stark reminder of history, but when they show up during excavation for new apartments, that's a little different, CBS Pittsburgh reports. Crews initially found a few of the black powder filled cannonballs, but that quickly changed to more than 300. It's a delicate process that will take several days.

April 20, 2017

Man in colorful bubble rolls down Russian street

April 19 - Security cameras overlooking a road in a Russian city captured the moment a man astonished onlookers by barreling down the street in an inflatable orb. The video, posted to YouTube by ABOUT AyTek, shows footage from a CCTV camera in Perm as a pedestrian waits at the side of the road while vehicles pass by him. A man in a polyurethane bubble -- known as a Zorb -- then rolls past, followed by more vehicles. The man reportedly rented the Zorb from a local company and decided...

Bear sits down next to Alaska photographer to watch nature

April 20 - A man sitting at the edge of an Alaska river to capture images of nature was startled to be joined by a relaxed bear that enjoyed the view at his side. Anchorage photographer Drew Hamilton said he was photographing bears playing in the McNeil River when another bear, which apparently just woke up, approached his spot. Video captured by Hamilton shows the bear casually walk up and plop down next to the chair Hamilton set up next to the river. Hamilton said he and the bear watched...

Huge iceberg towers over Canadian town

April 20 - Canada's "Iceberg Alley" is living up to its name this spring, and tourists are flocking to the town of Ferryland to see the behemoth that has grounded just off shore. The iceberg towers over the picturesque town, which is about an hour south of St. John's on the east coast of Newfoundland and Labrador. The Canadian Ice Service classified it as "large," which means it has a height of 151-240 feet and is between 401 and 670 feet long. Kaelam Power went mountain biking along the coast...

April 12, 2017

Russian man fills wife's car with cement as revenge for name change

April 11 - A Russian man whose wife changed her last name for a supermarket promotion was recorded taking revenge by filling her car with cement. The man was recorded on video outside of a St. Petersburg grocery store using a cement-mixing truck to dump wet cement through the open window of a parked car. The man says the car belongs to his wife, who he said changed her last name to Veniy as part of a promotion by the supermarket chain of the same name offering nearly...

Canadian driver used wood log and chicken wire as car's suspension

April 12 - A driver in Canada was charged by police after officers discovered his car's suspension had been replaced with wood and wire. Police in Val-des-Monts, Quebec shared a photo of the 28-year-old driver's improvised suspension made using a wooden log and chicken wire tied together with a pin. Three of the tires on the vehicle showed "very advanced" signs of wear and tear. "It was basically keeping the vehicle up," Sgt. Martin Fournel told the Ottawa Citizen about the makeshift suspension.

Major Swedish Newspaper Calls For Ban On Cars to Fight Terrorism

April 11 - One of Swedens biggest newspapers has called for new regulations on motor vehicles in Stockholm after Fridays massacre involving a terrorist who stole a delivery truck and drove it over the bodies of innocent victims on the citys busy sidewalks. While there have been many morbid jokes about the need to ban assault trucks as jihadists have chosen vehicular people-slaughter as their favored method for mass murder, Eva Franchell of Aftonbladet has penned an article that brings...

April 6, 2017

Deer breaks window at courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Kan.

April 3 - A deer broke out a window Monday morning at the Wyandotte County Courthouse in downtown Kansas City, Kan. The animal shattered one pane of the double-pane window in the first floor office of the Register of Deeds before running off. Emergency management didnt prepare us for this, Register of Deeds Nancy Burns said. Burns said she was sitting at her desk when the animal ran into her window. I screamed, she said.

Villagers hold birthday party for problem pothole

April 1 - A pothole which has been plaguing villagers has been given a birthday cake because it has been causing problems for so long. The "celebration" was organised to make a point to Nottinghamshire County Council. Resident Vonnie Daykin says the hole first appeared on Main Road in Plumtree "at least" around March 2015. She and other villagers say the hole has not been repaired and has grown even deeper. In a latest effort to highlight the hole, she took a picture of it next to a birthday...

Ipswich biker's death-defying Clem 7 tunnel ride

April 3 - An Ipswich man has told of how he somehow defied serious injury or death after riding his motorcycle into a mattress at 80km/h. Aaron Wood said he was so certain he was going to die when he hit the mattress in the Clem 7 tunnel that he unwittingly ripped the rubber grips off the handlebars of his bike. Mr. Wood was following a Toyota Prado that was towing a cage trailer on Tuesday night, when one of two mattresses blew over the top and landed in his lane. With no time to stop or swerve...

Catfish falls from sky into family's pool

April 4 - Just about everyone, especially here in Florida, has a big fish story. But Leonard Vanderpool has, arguably, the best one of all. Vanderpool got so excited when it happened Monday night, he called Winter Haven Police. Even the woman who took the call was flabbergasted. "I told her, 'You're not going to believe this, but a fish dropped out of the sky and it is in my pool,'" he recalled for FOX 13 News. Vanderpool and his wife were just sitting down to watch re-runs of "The Larence Welk Show"on TV when...

March 30, 2017

German Coati is Connect 4 'genius'

March 29 - A Coati in Germany has earned a reputation as a "board game genius" for its skills at Connect 4. Sunny the Coati, uses his small paws to place the plastic pieces into the slots on top of the game board while playing the game with his owner Andre at their home in Berlin. The clever Coati occasionally struggles to place the game piece in the proper slot or attempts to prevent his opponent from placing their piece. Despite his few shortcomings he can regularly line up four pieces to complete the game.

Laser cutter used to assemble ham sandwich bust of Vin Diesel

March 29 - A science vlogger took an unusual request from a fan and turned it into a reality: a laser-cut ham and cheese sandwich in the shape of actor Vin Diesel. William Osman posted a video to YouTube showing him taking on the unusual request from an online fan, who wrote: "Please sculpt a bust of Vin Diesel using laser cut cross-sections of laser-sliced ham." Osman, who admits in the video that the bust design is extra "busty," uses a computer program to design the cross-sections...

Man screams at owl, uses Swiffer to get it back outside

March 30 - A man who screamed when an owl invaded his home was able to film the nocturnal bird's exit on the business end of a Swiffer. Colton Wright was filming the owl as it perched on a window inside his home after escaping from the cat that dragged it into the home. "Mr. owl, you OK?" Wright asks. The video shows the owl take off and start flying around the house, causing Wright to scream. He is eventually able to coax the owl into perching on the end of a Swiffer, which the man slowly moves...

5-year-old girl suspended from school for playing with stick gun at recess

March 30 - Caitlin Millers teachers took her to the principals office on Friday and the 5-year-old did not understand why. She had been playing with her best friends during recess at her Raeford, N.C., school playground, just like any other day. She pretended that her two friends were a king and queen, and that she was in charge of protecting the kingdom. I was the guard, Caitlin told WTVD. Noticing a stick shaped like a gun on the ground, Caitlin picked it up and pretended to shoot intruders...

Sharknado? Cyclone Debbie leaves behind shark in puddle

March 30 - Locals in the north Queensland region of Burdekin, Australia, might have escaped the brunt of Cyclone Debbie. But one was not so lucky. WIN News Townsville journalist Philip Calder described his shock at finding the heavy metre-and-a-half bull shark when he was out reporting in Ayr, a town of Burdekin, covering the local flooding after the devastating cyclone. The shark was found dead on a road that has been cut off by flooding. A community nearby, Rita Island, has been cut off...

Finger-gun robber won't get out of his conviction

March 30 - Charles Smith's gun may have been fake, but a New York Court of Appeals ruling against him is very real. Per the Wall Street Journal, the court decided Tuesday to retain Smith's conviction of attempted first-degree robbery instead of reducing the charge, even though it was Smith's hand, not a firearm, under his hoodie when he told a teller at a Queens check-cashing store he had a gun and demanded money. The court says that, based on an interpretation of New York's penal law regarding robbery...

March 22, 2017

Effects company's hydraulic SUV drives over traffic

March 21 - A special effects company created an SUV that uses hydraulics to rise several feet and drive over California traffic -- but unfortunately, it's a one of a kind. Thinkmodo, the special effects firm behind 2014's viral "Devil Baby Attack" video, created a vehicle that resembles a Jeep Cherokee Wagon SUV, but with an added feature that allows the driver to push a button to have the vehicle rise several feet in the air and widen its wheel stance to drive over other cars in a traffic jam.

Massive alligator pulled from storm drain in Florida neighborhood

March 22 - Trappers in Florida managed to pull a massive alligator out of a storm drain in a residential neighborhood near Tampa. John Ruel witnessed the removal of the giant reptile, and said the gator got stuck while trying to crawl out of a sewer on Camberley Lane in his neighborhood in Oldsmar, Fla. The trapper initially struggled to free the alligator, which appeared to be about 9 feet long, from the tight space between the street and the sidewalk. Ruel said he had to push the gator back...


Man who broke leg during robbery arrested after calling ambulance

March 21 - A burglar in Virginia was arrested at a local hospital after breaking his leg while attempting to rob an apartment. Leoul Yosef, 21, awaited arrest in a Fairfax County hospital after he broke his leg by jumping from a second floor balcony while attempting to rob a woman moving into her new apartment in Alexandria. Yosef crawled away from the scene as police followed his tracks in the snow and received a report that someone in the area had called 911 to tend to a broken leg.