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News and World Events

June 27, 2018

June 20, 2018

June 13, 2018

June 6, 2018

May 23, 2018

July 18, 2018

Motorized shopping cart gases up in Tennessee

July 16 - A visitor to a Tennessee gas station captured video of an unusual vehicle gassing up -- a motorized shopping cart. The video, filmed at a Sunoco station in Jefferson City, shows a man sitting in a modified shopping cart next to a pump. The cart moves on its own with a gas engine and is controlled with a steering wheel. "This video was filmed at our local gas station. To me, it was interesting to use a shopping cart with a motor attached. He saved a lot of money on gas!!" the filmer wrote.

Truck gradually loses spool of cloth on the road

July 16 - A traffic camera in China was recording as more than 300 feet of cloth unfurled on the back of a truck and covered the road behind the vehicle. The video shows the cloth roll unwinding behind the truck on a Suzhou City, Jiangsu province, road and spreading like a carpet behind it. Investigators were able to identify the truck from the footage and contact the driver. Police said the driver was unaware he lost the 328-foot length of cloth until they contacted him to return it.

California ghost town sells for $1.4 million

July 18 - A ghost town in California's Owens Valley sold for $1.4 million and the new owner said it is planned to become a tourist destination. Cerro Gordo, an old west mining town that has been abandoned for decades except for the presence of caretakers, sold for $1.4 million to an investment group led by Brent Underwood and Jon Bier. The town, which experienced a boom in 1865 when silver was discovered, currently includes 2 structures including a hotel, a saloon, a museum, a chapel...

June 27, 2018

Florida man rides on hood of car going 70 mph

June 25 - A Florida man rode on the state's busiest highway while clinging onto the hood of a car. In video of the incident recorded by Daniel Midah, who was driving next to the open-air passenger, the man is lying on the hood of the car, which was going around 70 mph. He holds on with one hand and talks on his cell phone with his other hand. Midah told WPLG-TV that he believed the man was talking on the phone with the woman driving the car. "He didn't even look like he was freaked out by what was going on...

Michigan man uses homemade sign to deter speeders

June 27 - A Michigan man fed up with speeders in his neighborhood posted a homemade sign asking a simple question: "Are you blind?" Ron Ward, whose sign on Richmond Street in Grand Rapids went viral on Facebook, said he wanted to remind drivers that the speed limit by his house in 25 mph. Ward's sign reads: "Are you blind? It 25 mph." Ward said he often spots drivers going double the limit. "By the time they hit this here driveway, they're doing at least 50-55 miles an hour," he told WXMI-TV.

Squirrel steals doughnut from police officer in Alaska

June 27 - Police in Alaska shared video of a squirrel running through a station's parking lot with a doughnut it stole from an officer. The Anchorage Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing the squirrel fleeing through the parking lot filled with police cruisers while carrying the pilfered pastry in its mouth. An officer follows the squirrel while filming it, but the furry thief takes notice of its pursuer and runs off. "Seriously. He stole a perfectly good donut.

France: Butchers demand protection from militant vegans

June 26 - French butchers have written to the government asking for protection against militant vegans, accusing them of trying to shut down the country's traditional meat-eating culture. Shops have been stoned or defaced with anti-meat graffiti and stickers, the French Federation of Butchers says. Over the last few months, 15 shops were splashed with fake blood. Federation chief Jean-François Guihard said in the letter that such attacks were a form of terrorism.

Man in underpants runs onto Atlanta tarmac, pounds on plane windows

June 26 - A man scaled a fence at Atlanta's airport on Tuesday, jumped onto the wing of a stationary airliner and pounded on the plane's windows before being arrested, police said. Videos posted online by passengers inside the airliner showed a barefooted man dressed only in his underpants apparently talking to himself and walking near the plane. The pilot could be heard on one of the videos telling passengers the man had left the plane and was trying to get back onboard.

June 20, 2018

Bear breaks into California house through window

June 19 - A California couple whose home security camera recorded a break-in by a hungry bear said the incident was not the first. Lane Sykes and Carole Scofield said they had been away from their South Lake Tahoe house for under an hour last Wednesday when they returned with some friends and discovered the bear in their kitchen. The couple reviewed security camera footage and discovered the bruin had climbed in through an open window that they had thought was too small to pose...

Burglar slithers across store floor in Texas

June 20 - The owners of a Texas smoke shop have released security camera footage of a burglar slithering like a snake across the business' floor. The Smoking Glass store in Houston released security camera footage of the Saturday burglary, which involved a man moving across the floor in a snake-like manner to steal $1,000 worth of merchandise and cash. The burglar, who entered through the store's only window without security bars, also caused about $700 worth of damage...

Thrift store worker finds $36,000 cash in doll box

June 20 - Workers at a California thrift shop tracked down a man who donated his mother's doll collection without realizing there was $36,000 cash in a box. Ray Rhinehart said he donated his mother's doll collection to the American Cancer Society's Discovery Shop in Santa Monica after her recent death. He said he was surprised when he received a call from the store saying an envelope full of cash had been found stashed in a box with one of the antique porcelain dolls.

This billboard in Texas tells liberals to get lost.

June 20 - At least that's what it will read until sometime Wednesday. Randy Burkett, who owns Burkett Outdoor Advertising and the sign, told McClatchy that after all the backlash and media attention the sign got on Tuesday and Wednesday, it would be taken down immediately. "I was shocked that it traveled that fast," Burkett said. "I believe in free speech, but this country is divided enough as it is. I've spoken with the client, and he's agreed that it should come down.

June 13, 2018

Scientists discover ancient interstellar dust that formed the Earth and the solar system

June 11 - It may not have been far, far away, but it certainly is from long, long ago. Scientists have discovered some of the original interstellar dust that formed the Earth and the solar system billions of years ago, a new study said. The discovery is the "surviving pre-solar interstellar dust that formed the very building blocks of planets and stars," said study lead author Hope Ishii of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Researchers collected the surviving ancient dust from Earth’s upper atmosphere...

Bald eagle gets trapped in trampoline after mid-air fight gone wrong

June 11 - A furious mid-air battle didn't end quite as expected for a bald eagle that became trapped in a backyard trampoline in the Comox Valley. The bird of prey was locked in a life-or-death fight with a rival eagle above a home in Royston on Sunday when it suddenly began to plummet. The eagle then took a sharp dive right into an enclosed trampoline in Candice Rawson's backyard. "They were spiraling towards the ground and I guess it looked like the bigger eagle almost forced...

Museum seeking world record for largest paper plane

June 12 - A Massachusetts museum is hoisting a 64-foot-long paper airplane into the air to break a Guinness World Record. The Revolving Museum in Fitchburg announced the paper plane, created under the supervision of "Project Soar" leader and local artist Jerry Beck, will be lifted by a crane Tuesday at the Fitchburg Municipal Airport. A Guinness World Records adjudicator will be on hand to verify whether the 1,500-pound plane beats the previous record for a paper airplane, which was created...

Country Time offers to pay legal fees for kids' lemonade stands

June 12 - Country Time Lemonade announced a "Country Time Legal-ade" program to pay fines and permits for kids whose lemonade stands get them into trouble. The lemonade brand, owned by Kraft Heinz, announced the new program will cover fees of up to $300 for lemonade stands owned by kids under the age of 14 who were fined for operating their small businesses without a permit. The company said it will also cover the cost of permits purchased this year for lemonade stands.

Raccoon climbs 25-story Minnesota building

June 13 - The saga of a raccoon that spent hours climbing the side of a 25-story Minnesota building culminated early Wednesday with the animal reaching the roof. The story of the raccoon, which was dubbed the MPR raccoon after first being spotted by Minnesota Public Radio workers, began when it was spotted spending more than a day apparently trapped in a niche over the first floor of the Town Square building in St. Paul. Workers attempted to rescue the raccoon by leaning a 20-foot length of lumber...

June 6, 2018

Traffic camera captures SUV driving in reverse on highway

June 6 - The Ohio Department of Transportation shared video of a driver with apparent mechanical troubles who drove their SUV in reverse on the highway. The video, captured amid heavy traffic Tuesday morning on U.S. Route 33 and posted to Facebook, shows the white SUV driving in reverse in the roadway about 6:45 a.m. and taking a ramp toward Gender Road in Canal Winchester. Officials said the SUV eventually pulled into a Kroger parking lot. The department, which set the video to some...

Crocodile kills Ethiopian pastor during baptism ceremony

June 5 - A crocodile killed a pastor during an 80-person baptism ceremony at a lake in southern Ethiopia. The crocodile leaped from the water and attacked protestant pastor Docho Eshete during the Sunday baptism ceremony on the shores of Lake Abaya, residents and police told the BBC. He died after the crocodile bit his legs, back and hands. "He baptized the first person and he passed on to another one. All of a sudden, a crocodile jumped out of the lake and grabbed the pastor...

Man held after 60-mile police chase in armored military vehicle

June 6 - A soldier who stole an armored military vehicle was arrested after leading Virginia police on a 60-mile chase Tuesday night, authorities said. The vehicle, an armored personnel carrier, was taken from Virginia National Guard property in Richmond Tuesday evening, officials said. It was not equipped with weaponry. Police say the suspect drove the vehicle, which moves on tracks similar to a tank, mainly on highways during the lengthy chase. He ultimately stopped the vehicle after exiting...

May 23, 2018

Florida city apologizes for alert warning of zombies

May 22 - Officials in a Florida city apologized for an emergency alert that warned of a real power outage and a not-so-real "zombie alert." The alert, sent out by the city of Lake Worth early Sunday, warned of a "power outage and zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus," referencing a city from AMC's The Walking Dead. "There are now far less than seven-thousand-three-hundred-eighty customers involved due to extreme zombie activity," the notice said.

Mustang doing donuts blocks busy Florida bridge

May 22 - Police in Florida said a sports car driver engaged in "completely unlawful behavior" when he blocked a bridge by doing donuts in the roadway. A video captured on the Southeast 17th Street bridge in Fort Lauderdale shows the Ford Mustang spinning in tight circles and shooting off smoke from its burning tires. Police said the bridge was cleared by the time they arrived, but a man driving what police believe to be the same car was cited for reckless driving a short time later...

Turkeys chase cyclist down South Carolina road

May 22 - A surprised traveler on a North Carolina road turned around to capture video of an unusual spectacle: a cyclist being chased by turkeys. The video, filmed this month on a road in Waynesville, shows a cyclist riding on the ride of the road with three turkeys in hot pursuit. The filmer said the turkeys may have been chasing the man for up to two miles. "On my way to eat lunch with my wife noticed a cyclist riding in the opposite direction with three turkeys chasing him," the filmer wrote.

Sinkhole Opens on White House Front Lawn

May 23 - A sinkhole has opened on the North Lawn of the White House, and it appears to be growing bigger, Voice of America reporter Steve Herman noted in a tweet: "It was noticeably bigger between Sunday and Monday…it’s more than a foot long right now," said Herman, Quartz reported. Herman added that a second sinkhole has opened next to the first one, the Quartz report said. The sinkhole is near the press briefing room, the report added.